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Are you ready to learn something new and change the way you practice?
Our Myopia Education Program was created to revolutionise the profession’s
understanding of myopia management. Connecting you with globally
recognised leaders through interactive case studies, videos and webinars, the
Program provides the skills for you to better-manage progressive myopia
for your patients.

The Brien Holden Vision Institute has been a worldwide leader in eye care
education for the past 30 years, having educated over 250,000 eye care
professionals globally. We have a track record in providing the newest data, clinical
management techniques and communication strategies for practitioners to change
the way they manage myopia.

Find out why 98% of practitioners have changed the way they practice after completing the program.


Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy is a centre of excellence for global eye health and vision care education. With a commitment to quality life-long learning, the Academy promotes the implementation of sustainable programs by creating and providing the educational framework and support essential to capacity building.

In effect, the Academy develops and strengthens the human capacity of emerging nations in a manner that enables them to contribute to global eye health and the WHO Development Goals in a marked, effective and sustainable way by targeting in particular, but not exclusively, avoidable blindness and visual impairment that is second to uncorrected refractive error.



The Brien Holden Vision Institute ‘Guidelines for Myopia Management’ is a free, easy-to-use, practical tool developed to assist the busy eye care professional manage patients with myopia.

The guidelines have been developed by researchers and clinicians at Brien Holden Vision Institute and Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Centre, China.

Incorporating the latest evidence-based knowledge, the guidelines remind practitioners of the different stages of assessment and treatment of myopes and will help inform diagnostic tests, risk assessment, appropriate myopia management options and scheduling follow-up visits and tests.

The step-wise approach includes:
  • Initial consultation - procedures to include
  • Assessment of risk for onset and progression of myopia
  • Management strategy - factors to consider
  • Follow-up - frequency and procedures
They complement other practitioner resources available on this site, including the ‘Myopia Calculator’ and ‘Managing Myopia Program’.

To access the ‘Guidelines for Myopia Management’ click below and complete the one-off registration.


The Myopia Calculator illustrates the impact of various myopia management strategies on the amount of myopia progression in a child. Brien Holden Vision Institute designed the Calculator following feedback from practitioners that a tool was needed to explain myopia management in practice. Key features include:

The tool applies evidence-based research to various management options and enables you to demonstrate and discuss the possible benefits – over time – of treating myopia progression in your patients. The Control Rate (%) slider allows you to change the level of myopia and view how it will affect its progression across the range reported for the selected treatment.

Choose from different ages, ethnicities and refractive error to be able to show your patients the comparison of myopia management strategies for their situation.

Choose from different myopia management options including multifocal soft contact lenses; peripheral defocus spectacles; executive bifocals; progressive addition spectacles; orthokeratology; low and high dose atropine.

Use in your practice on any desktop, tablet and mobile device.

All data is sourced from peer-reviewed reports on well-conducted trials.

It is free for you to use, and helps support patient and parent communications, as well as helping to improve treatment compliance in an area that practitioners can find challenging. It is a must-have for practitioners.


EyeTeach© is an innovative education initiative designed to better equip optometry educators with the knowledge and expertise to facilitate student learning. It aims to assist in developing a greater understanding of learning processes and offers better teaching strategies specific to the diversity of global optometry.

Operating as an interactive series of workshops and self-assessment exercises, EyeTeach© ultimately enables educators to access expert advice and guidance on the most effective ways to teach optometry students. Topics learnt include: understanding the different ways people learn; how to structure a course to achieve expected learning outcomes; how to use different teaching methods, including lectures, role play, presentations and case studies.
EyeTeach© provides a program of certified courses for all levels of eye care educators across the diverse context of global optometry development including: transitioning from an eye care practitioner to an educator; curriculum design for learning and teaching; becoming an effective clinical teacher, designing and implementing problem-based learning and designing assessment for learning.

EyeTeach© courses available now through Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy
  • From Clinician to Educator
  • Educational Design for Learning
  • Clinical Teaching
  • Problem-based Learning
  • Assessment for Learning


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