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Eye Inspire: The science that made Kovin Naidoo

Sydney, Australia, 13 October 2017: The Eye-Inspire series brings you the inspiration and scientific stimuli that has propelled forward some of the brightest minds in eye health - our CEO, Professor Kovin Naidoo is one of those minds. The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is the mastermind behind this inspirational series of interviews, speaking to selected women and men from the eye care sector, whose work continues to inspire us all.

Kovin's interview starts with the following words. "I think the paper, or rather, the research collaboration that had the biggest impact on my life is the Refractive Error studies in children which was led by Leon Ellwein and was aimed at a global collaboration that was bringing together population based studies so that we can accurately understand the prevalence of refractive error in children. It led to us having the kind of projections we have now where we use between 3 and 5 % in planning etc. in terms of prevalence for Africa. We know it led to the data that showed us that huge increase in prevalence in China in comparison to the rest of the world and they became great advocacy tools not just within those countries but also at the level of the WHO and influence..."

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