Working in the Field

Brien Holden Vision Institute welcomes supporters who choose to spend time working within our programs on short and long term assignments. We are offering short-term assignment opportunities to those who are skilled, enthusiastic, adaptable, and eager to make a difference in eye care provision worldwide.

Become a mentor

In locations where optometry schools have recently been established there is a lack of professional support for new graduates. We are calling on experienced optometrists to mentor new graduates in developing communities who are working hard towards achieving best practice.

We believe mentoring is a powerful and effective way of transferring knowledge, skills and experience. Joining our mentoring program gives you an opportunity to give new optometric professionals the confidence, guidance and support to contribute to vision for everyone…everywhere.

The Eye Health Mentor program is currently accepting applications for mentors to assist in Malawi and Kenya.
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Seeking lecturers

We are seeking optometrists with an interest in academia required for recently established optometry programs aimed at addressing the human resource needs of eyecare delivery in developing countries.

The successful candidate will be required to assume the position for a minimum duration of one year and relocate within a reasonable time. These opportunities are available on a periodic basis, and interested individuals are invited to apply at any time.

Applicants will be contacted when specific opportunities arise to assess their availability and continued interest.
Optometry Faculty Position Optometry Faculty Application Optometry Faculty Reference

Faculty positions

The global lack of relevant, qualified human resources makes filling faculty positions in newly established optometry schools difficult. If you are interested in learning more please contact us.

Work in Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

Optometrists, contracted by the Institute, are vital partners in sustainable Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander service delivery programs. Working on a contract basis offers flexibility, interesting travel opportunities to rural and remote destinations within Australia, and exposure to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. If you would like to offer your skills on a one-off, or regular basis, please register your interest by contacting us.
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Do you work for an eye care organisation? Are you interested in finding volunteer opportunities for your staff? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss how your organisation can contribute to vision for everyone…everywhere.

The Institute’s policies and guidelines for supporters who work with us follow the best practice as outlined in the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement in Not For Profit Organisations by Volunteering Australia.
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