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Enterprise for Sight, is a project designed to address the challenges of a huge unmet need for eye care services at a community and household level.

The project uses business principles to achieve accessibility, sustainability, and further expansion of services and has created business opportunities for dozens of women in rural Pakistan and brought eye care services to hundreds.

Shagufta has a long history of being a source of support in her village. She was a full-time Lady Health Worker in maternal and child health and a trained human rights worker helping women survivors of domestic violence improve their lives. The opportunity to become a female micro-entrepreneur was a perfect fit.

“I love being thanked by all those women in need. I do not know how many people feel this way about their jobs but I love it,” said Shagufta.


Approximately 1.5 million people in Pakistan are living with some form of blindness.  The need for a pair of glasses to see clearly (uncorrected refractive error) has been identified as one of the most common causes.

Women account for approximately 64 per cent of all blind people globally, and in some regions, women and girls are only half as likely as men to be able to access eye care services. This is particularly evident in Pakistan, where cultural circumstances can prevent women from leaving their homes. We are finding through the female micro-entrepreneurs eye care service delivery for women has significantly increased.

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